Chocolay Police Officer issued verbal warning and ticket for failure to yield

The Chocolay Township Police Officer who was deemed responsible for causing a four-car accident last Friday has been issued both a verbal warning and a ticket for failure to yield.

According to Chocolay Township Police Chief Greg Zyburt, this is the first time Officer Anthony Carrick presented any disciplinary problems, so no further action was needed other than a verbal command to be more careful. The Marquette City Police did, however, issue Officer Carrick a civil infraction for failing to yield the right of way.

Police say, after a thorough review of the accident, investigators concluded that Carrick did not yield to oncoming traffic as he entered U.S. 41 South from South Lake Street. As a result, both the juvenile in the cruiser’s back seat who had been picked up for allegedly stealing a car, and the driver of the Mercury Milan, 24-year-old Andrew Mills, had to be taken to Marquette General Hospital for treatment.

Two other cars were involved in the fallout from the accident, but no one was reported as injured.