Telkite’s auction at K.I. Sawyer sells only one building

Telkite Enterprises LLC held an auction Tuesday night for four properties at K.I. Sawyer, but only one was sold.

About a dozen people came out to the auction.

The properties, each with a starting bid of $10,000, included the old post office and laundromat.  Only the laundromat property was sold, at a price of $11,000.

“When we started the idea of having an auction, we really didn’t have any expectations, we didn’t know what the turnout would be and what the interest level would be, so we’re pleasantly surprised, we sold a building. We’re giving it into the hands of someone who will make improvements to it, add value to it so we’re very excited about that,” Telkite Enterprises LLC Executive Director Vikki Kulju said.

Telkite was auctioning off the properties to help boost economic development at Sawyer, and hopes to continue growing business in the area.

“We’re looking to do this as a way to stimulate economic development and job growth and attract additional investment to Sawyer. The properties can be used for any number of commercial uses,” Kulju said. “Over 50% of the buildings out here have been vacant since the base closed and so as a way to expedite their reuse we are trying to come up with some creative approaches, and the auction was one of those ideas we came up with.”

Telkite has no immediate plans for the properties that did not sell and the buildings may come up for auction at another time.  For more information on additional properties and buildings up for sale, visit Telktie’s website.