Stewards wanted to help maintain U.P. lighthouse

The U.S. General Services Administration recently announced that it is looking for stewards to preserve and maintain several historic lighthouses in the state of Michigan, including one in Keweenaw County.

The Keweenaw Waterway Lower Entrance Lighthouse, located just off the coast of Jacobsville, is being offered at no cost to eligible state or local governments, non-profit organizations or historic preservation groups.

The beacon of Keweenaw Bay, which was completed around 1920, is about 14 feet wide and 30 feet high.

The steward would own the entire structure, except for the light, which belongs to the U.S. Coast Guard.

“We maintain the light.  It’s an LED.  We come about every three years to service the light and make sure it’s working correctly and showing the right characteristics,” USGC Boatswain Mate First Class Matt Hermann said.  “It’s got a daylight control sensor so when it picks up that the sun is lowering, it automatically turns on.”

Herrmann said the Coast Guard opted for an LED light because of its ability to see farther while using less battery power.

To find out more about this property and how to submit a letter of interest, click here.