No one appears to have been seriously hurt in a car crash in Negaunee late this afternoon.

The Negaunee Police say three vehicles smashed into each other at Teal Lake Avenue and Clark Street just before 5:00 p.m. A stop sign is clearly posted at the intersection, but it didn’t prevent the wreck.

“The driver of the blue Toyota attempted to cross Teal Lake Avenue; it failed to yield to the red Taurus,” Negaunee Police Patrolman Jesse Baldini said. “The red Taurus struck the blue Toyota; both cars were pushed into the gray Chevy. The driver of the blue Toyota is going to be found at fault for failure to yield.”

Two people were taken to Bell Hospital. Police say they’re an elderly married couple, both of whom suffered minor facial lacerations and complained of neck pain.

Besides receiving a ticket for failure to yield, the driver of the blue Toyota will be cited for causing an accident.