Marquette winery makes wine with Lake Superior water

A Marquette winery can truly boast that there is a taste of Lake Superior in every glass.

Randy St. Charles of St. Charles Winery says they make their local wine right on site at their location on Washington Street. The wine itself is made with water from Lake Superior. The winery carries up to 30 types of different wines, including fruity versions that seem to be very popular.

“We are are actually looking at making a rhubarb wine, with the rhubarb made right here in Marquette by a local farmer and have it 100% Marquette, but for the other wines, we go by what flavor people are looking for,” St. Charles said.

Randy says the fruit wines are the easiest to make as they take only 30 days, but the whites take two to four months and the reds need three to six months.

“When I run out of a fruit-flavored wine, I don’t panic, but if I run out of a red wine, I am looking at losing half a year,” he said. “It’s a different process every day. Producing one day, bottling, filtering, labeling, but the best part is serving the public — meet so many people, talk to so many people — but as far as the wine-making, it’s just relaxing to me.”

With great wine, you need some great cheese. St. Charles Winery is having a wine and cheese tasting tomorrow to raise money for the NMU fencing club. Tickets are $15 with seatings at 6 p.m.  and 7:15 p.m.