Bridgefest brings visitors to the Copper Country

The festivities started Friday with the Bridgefest Parade, which moved through Hancock and into Houghton. Crowds surrounded Quincy Street as candy was tossed from those waving at the spectators.

Saturday was a little wet, but that didn’t deter people from heading out to the fun going on at Kestner Park in Houghton. Walking along the beautiful boardwalk, residents made their way to the event that celebrates the anniversary of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge.

Although the weather hasn’t cooperated exactly, Copper Country residents are still enjoying a weekend filled with music, arts and crafts and lots and lots of food. Many local restaurants came together for the first time in this event’s history to provide a wide selection of delicious entrees. Julie Courtright, owner of Habaneros, told me about her first reaction to the idea.

“Immediate positive response. I know they have been doing something similar in Marquette for a while and it seems to be quite successful for them,” she said. “We really wanted to try as a community to change things and we’ve gotten a great response.”

Whether it was tender beef brisket or freshly prepared guacamole, there was sure to be something for everyone. So is this format going to stick around?

“Oh, absolutely. Already talking about next year, but perhaps wanting to change the date to July because the weather might be a little nicer. But absolutely, it’s been really positive,” Courtright said.

And there were the fireworks which capped off a great weekend in the Copper Country.