Big Bay, Big Fun

Fourth of July weekend is just around the corner, and the U.P. should see some increased traffic with those below bridge making their way to camp.

It’s the kind of place where kids can walk to the local park and residents can tell you exactly how many kids attend the local school – 53.

End of the year activities include sack races, volleyball and even a pretend shark attack. It’s no wonder that a place known for it’s big heart and unwavering kindness goes by the name of Big Bay.

“Big Bay is good because you know everyone and they are all so friendly, especially when you get to know them, that’s why I like it, pretty nice little town,” said Alex Durand, 7th grade.

“Big Bay is the best because we get to do a lot of activities and you know everyone because it’s not a big town and we get to go a lot of other places, more than other schools,” said Liam Chew–Forrester, 7th grade.

“All the people who live in this town are wonderful, there are a lot of generations that stay here, we go boating here all the time, I think it may be my favorite,” said Sadah Scheidt, 8th grade graduate.

If you truly want to experience Big Bay, everything you do has to be in Big Bay style, even the way you break chocolate to make smores.

“One of the more popular tourists attractions is the Lumberyard Tavern right behind me.  Still standing and the scene of the crime on which the movie Anatomy of Murder is based, reports, Danielle Davis.

“You can’t go anywhere in Big Bay without hearing about Anatomy of a Murder. It was rare for Hollywood to go off site and film a movie on location in the early days.  Primiger was here, George C. Scott, Jimmy Stewart, all the big actors. the film was nominated for several awards that year,” said Kristi Mills, Outfitters Store.

Another main attraction nestled away along the shoreline is the Big Bay Point Lighthouse. It rests 200 feet above lake Superior, with a climbable staircase and a view like no other. The building was once a ruin but has since been restored and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A true rarity because it is also one of a select few to double as a bed and breakfast.

“We’ve done this for 23 years, we get mostly lower Peninsula, Wisconsin, Chicago and Indiana, for some reason Indian is really into light houses,.  They don’t have any I think,” said Jeff Gamble, Big Bay Point Lighthouse.

“Some good walleye fishing, some good perch, northern pike and bass in Lake Independence and then just kicking back and relaxing and enjoying the campfire and good friends,” said Kim Bourgeois, Harbor Master/Park Manager.

If you’re looking to hit a bar, you literally can. Outfitters store was once the Town Hall, which also housed the local jail. In fact, two of it’s steel–barred cells are still in tact. But beware, Big Bay is key to some big fun.