Mayer focused on achieving Olympic dream

Mikaela Mayer has made her mark in the boxing world the last couple of years, winning several national tournaments along the way. The 23–year–old Mayer is working towards her ultimate goal of representing the United States at the upcoming 2016 Olympic games.

Mayer won the 132 lb. division at the Police Athletic League National Championships in October.  Mayer is now back in Marquette, training with her boxing coach, Al Mitchell, preparing for the upcoming Golden Gloves tournament.

Mitchell has been working on tweaking Mayer’s boxing style, which will go a long way in helping Mikaela achieve her goal of making it to Rio.

“I’ve always been really good at boxing on the outside, being a basic/classic style boxer,” said Mayer. “Now, we’re working more on working people, pushing them back, sitting on the inside, just to make me more well-rounded fighter.”

“Because she’s tall, she has to every once in a while pull it back, so I have to break her out of that,” said Mitchell. “You never want a shorter person underneath you. I have to show her how to meet them, step around on an angle and hold her ground. At this level, as good as she is, its about discipline to beat the world champions.”

The Golden Gloves tournament takes place next month in Florida. Mayer is aiming for her fourth straight National Championship win at the tournament. Qualifying for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio takes place in January of 2016.