A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place today in Hancock to celebrate the grand opening of a new recreational destination.

The boardwalk is located just west of the Ramada Inn. Among those that attended the ceremony were Hancock Mayor Lisa McKenzie and State Representative Scott Dianda, who spoke about how impressed he was with the work that has been done.

“This is something that has such an economic stimulation for our area. Tourism is always a big thing. And to be able to look at the history we had around here with the old pilings, it really is great to see that we can create things that are going to bring more people into the area,” Dianda said.

Mayor McKenzie added that the project significantly enhances public access to the Hancock Portage Lake Shoreline.

“They really spent the time in making that this was accessible by the community, both from the water and from the boardwalk, and it’s well thought out and we just really are very proud of them,” she said.

The boardwalk, which was completed this past fall, is 362 feet long, 10 feet wide, handicap accessible and is available immediately for activities such as walking and fishing.