Work on County Roads 510, 550, AAA sees progress, traffic delays

Travelers and commuters to and from Big Bay will have a few stops along the way for the foreseeable future.

The Marquette County Road Commission has installed two run around bridges on County Road 550 and are working on two southbound passing lanes and one northbound. Officials say the increased construction will result in some delays.

“You’ll see a lot of traffic delays on 550,” Road Commission engineer/manager Jim Iwanicki said. “Hopefully, they will be short in duration. We’re using temporary signals at the bridge, which will minimize some of the wait time of traffic out there when they’re waiting for the other side of traffic to go. Then, when we’re working on the passing lanes, it will be under flag control and because of the length of those closures with one lane, those will be a little bit longer waits; those will probably be in the 10-to-15 minute wait (range).”

Crews are also working on balancing County Road AAA by relocating dirt from one end to the other. The Road Commission will then be ready to gravel and pave the road.

By all accounts, the construction is on schedule and, pending any inclement weather, will be completed sometime in November.