Norway kids get a jump on eating healthy

Students from Norway Elementary School got a nutritional treat today in the form of a bit of song and dance.

The “Drink Milk for Life Jump With Jill Live Tour” landed in Norway this morning. The live performance featured music, dancing, and humor. In addition to providing entertainment for the students, the event stressed the importance of healthy eating.

“The most important messages that we want kids to take away from today’s show is to eat a healthy breakfast,” Hailey McDonell of Jump With Jill said. “We have this awesome music video, the ‘Get Me Going’ danceable music video, that encourages kids to start their day with a healthy breakfast, and also, we can’t forget about getting our calcium from, of course, our low-fat milk.”

The school was one of 35 in Michigan to win the chance to host the tour by submitting a video about nutrition to the United Dairy Industry of Michigan’s Fuel Up to Play 60 program. Students were diligent about studying their Jump With Jill music and dance numbers before the performance.

“I’ve had a lot of parents and kids tell me how much they’ve been practicing at home,” Norway Elementary physical education teacher Carli Kelly said. “They put it up on their TV or on their computer and they’ve been practicing all the dances, so I think they’re really excited.”

“We only get one body that we are going to have for our entire lives, so make sure you make the choices that are right for your body and rock your body right,” McDonell said.

A few of the students were brought up onstage for the show’s grand finale, “The Bone Rap”, which reminds kids why it’s important to get enough calcium in their diets.