Florek back home after rewarding hockey season

Justin Florek has definitely made a name for himself on the ice. When the 2014 National Hockey League playoffs began, Florek was in the Bruins’ starting lineup for all five of their games against the Detroit Red Wings. The Bruins won the series in five games over Detroit.

“Playoff hockey is on another level,” said Florek. “The atmosphere, the intensity is great. To play against the (Red) Wings, two original six teams playing against each other, all of the hype is there.”

Now that ‘Flo’ has had a taste of the NHL, he will spend the off-season with the goal of being a regular in the Bruins everyday lineup this fall.

“It’s going to take a lot of work. Boston is such a deep organization, such a good organization. They’re in the running every year for the (Stanley) Cup,” said Florek.

So far in 2014, things have went quite well for Florek. He scored his first NHL goal against the Los Angeles Kings on Jan. 9. A month later, Justin and his wife, Kylie, welcomed a little girl, Lillian, into the world.

“It’s so great going home everyday and seeing her,” said Florek. “I love her so much. My wife is awesome. She’s been helping out a lot. It’s just been a great experience for our family.”

Being the first person from Marquette to ever play in the NHL, Florek appreciates all of the support he has received from Yoopers everywhere.

“It’s really cool to be the first person to make out of Marquette to the NHL,” said Florek. “Hopefully it just shows kids in the community that they can do it too.”