Cinder Pond Marina is now open for summer

The last pieces of ice are finally gone from the harbor in Marquette, and boaters will be hitting the water in greater numbers now that summer-like weather is here. The services that the city of Marquette has to accommodate boaters are ramping up for the season as well.

The boat launches at both city marinas opened last Friday. All other facilities at Presque Isle Marina opened on Monday, and Cinder Pond Marina opened today.

“We have temporary restroom facilities and showers,” Marquette assistant director of community services Jon Swenson said. “We have the seasonal slips, as well as transient slips for those traveling on Lake Superior that might seek shelter overnight here.”

The city will also start a planning process soon to determine what kind of building should replace the boathouse. It’s been demolished after cracks developed in the walls during the winter.

“The previous building didn’t have a very good view of the boat launch, so if someone was having trouble with the boat launch and staff was helping someone in the marina building, it was difficult for them to tell that there was something going on,” Swenson said. “I think there’s a lot of people that would like to see a little more visibility of the lake from within the building.”

Boaters can’t currently buy bags of ice at Cinder Pond Marina, but Swenson says city employees are working on that. They plan to have ice available there again within the next few days.