MSP warn homeowners of common summertime scams

Michigan State Police from the Gladstone Post want southern U.P. residents to look out for scams targeting homeowners that become more common in the summer months.

Gypsy scams are fraudulent schemes carried out by a traveling con artist from outside the area. The scammer has already left the area by the time a homeowner realizes something is wrong.

Police say the con artist will frequently offer to perform low-cost home improvement projects like asphalt paving, barn painting or other exterior work. Sometimes, the work is completed but is revealed to be substandard a short time later. In other instances, the scammer partially completes the job, requests payment and leaves after collecting it.

If you think you may have been the victim of a gypsy scam, Michigan State Police from the Gladstone Post are asking you to call them at (906) 428-4412.