Court of Appeals hears oral arguments about Eagle Mine permits

The Michigan Court of Appeals heard oral arguments regarding Eagle Mine permits Tuesday.

In a press release from the Eagle Mine, it states the mine provided arguments in a case involving a 2010 Michigan Department of Environmental Quality final decision to issue to permits for the mine.

Two separate state circuit court rulings in late 2011 and early 2012 affirmed the MEDQ’s decision, which was appealed by petitioners to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

“Eagle Mine appreciates the opportunity to argue the merits of the case in support of the permits granted by MDEQ and the agency’s extensive review process that has withstood previous challenges over the past eight years,” Eagle Mine general manager Mike Welch said in a press release regarding the arguments made in Lansing.

“This is a testament to our team’s expertise, experience and professionalism in terms of its environmental protectiveness, safety culture, and commitment to the community in which we operate.  We are confident the project complies with all state and federal laws and regulations for safeguarding the environment.  Even more, we are extremely proud of nearly 800 men and women that have built Eagle.”