Wendy’s sexual harassment case heads to court

In April, ABC 10 reported on an ongoing investigation into complaints of sexual harassment at a Wendy’s location in Iron Mountain.

The general manager of the restaurant, who is accused of both physical and verbal sexual abuse, was arraigned in Dickinson County District Court Thursday.

Harvey Bennett is charged with one count of assault or assault with battery.  The charge stems from a string of incidents in early April, during which Bennett and a co-worker allegedly made sexual advances at a neighborhood bar.

“(Female’s name withheld) had kept saying to me that night, ‘Oh, if you have my back the way I’ll have yours, depending on how things play out tonight, you can be manager too.’ At first, I didn’t know what she meant by that until after they were touching each other and all that happened,” the alleged victim said.  “They offered me and kept insisting to go to a hotel; propositioning me for sexual favors to become a manager.”

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, claims she filed a police report and contacted corporate officials the following day.  She said they responded shortly after, assuring her that he had been terminated.  But, he reportedly showed up anyway and has continued working there ever since.  The victim and a number of other employees have since quit.

Bennett was arrested on May 17 and pled not guilty to the misdemeanor charge.  He now faces a possible 93 day jail sentence as his case heads to a jury trial on July 21.