Cliffs and Troop 321 plant Austrian Pines in Ishpeming

Ishpeming may look a little bit more beautiful today thanks to Cliffs Natural Resources and some local boy scouts.

For the sixth year in a row, Cliffs has sponsored a spring tree planting project to reaffirm it’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Boy scouts troop 321 assisted in planting 25 Austrian pine trees along Partridge Creek. Each year Cliff’s selects a different service club to work with in it’s beautification effort.

“This is a newly renovated area that could use a bit of landscaping so we work with the city to determine where the trees should be planted.

Loy’s Lawns by Design has been working with Cliff’s on this project since it’s inception. Although the scouts from Troop 321 were volunteering to help plant the trees, Cliffs is donating 5 hundred dollars to their troop as a way to say thanks.