Negaunee pays tribute to fallen soldiers with Parade & Memorial Service

There were a number of events across the U.P. to commemorate our nation’s veterans who have passed away.

Negaunee is quite possibly one of the only cities in the Upper Peninsula that’s held a Memorial Day parade for 75 years straight. Today’s parade kept that long standing tradition alive.

And the band came marching in. Residents arrived early to get the prime viewing spot to watch the parade. With bikes, chairs and refreshments they lined the streets to view the procession. On this beautiful day some even kicked off the shoes to make sure they were comfortable.

“We try and always come into this area, we usually go across the street but this time we weren’t sure how hot the sun was going to get and we thought with the sun at our back we could view the parade without having to squint our eyes,” said John Karvonen, Negaunee Resident.

With many out for the parade and celebration, veterans say it’s important to not forget what today is truly about. The celebration continued on with a Memorial Service at the Negaunee Cemetery.

“There is no better thing a family can do than to show their kids what memorial day means.  A lot of kids don’t understand what Memorial Day is and you can lose it.  Memorial Day is to honor all of the men that have gone.  You serve the living by honoring the dead,” said Tom Stanaway,  V.F.W., Senior Commander, Negaunee.

Father Mather was the key speaker and broke down war statistics. Since 60 B.C. there have only been 292 yeas of peace. There’s been 14 thousand 351 wars large and small with over three billion lives lost.

In the past 100 years the U.S. had been involved in seven wars, he left everyone with the charge to reconcile differences and love one another.