Running techniques evaluated right here in the U.P.

Running is a great and inexpensive way to exercise. You build great cardiovascular strength and endurance, all while slimming down.But as ABC’s 10 Danielle Davis explains, to avoid any potential injuries you can have your running technique evaluated by professionals right here in the U.P.

You’re just putting one foot in front of the other and speeding up the pace a bit, so why are more than half of the people running injuring themselves? The answer is found in our physique. We all are built differently and in turn have vastly different running styles.

“Depending on if you are a pronator, your foot rolls in or a supernator and your foot rolls–out. People who foot rolls–out tend to want something a little less supportive, something with more flexibility. People that roll–in want more support or something with less flexibility. Something we call a motion control type of shoe, something that controls the motion of the ankle,” said Brian Claus, Synergy Fitness.

Wearing proper shoes is essential but your running stride is what determines it all.

“A must do when running to avoid injury is to properly warm–up your muscles, stretch and then cool down. And be sure you are running on your fore front and not your heel, reports Danielle Davis.

Before you start your routine, fitness instructors advise that you undergo a running assessment. That way you will know what you are doing right or wrong before heading out on the trail.

“A lot of runners get into that rut and get out there and just start running and all of a sudden they are getting shin splints and planter faschitus and a lot of that can be avoided if you take the right steps right off the back,” continued Claus.

The latest technology can access your running technique; correct your stride, foot placement, and your hand and arm symmetry. “Once you see it, you can begin to make those corrections. And a few corrections really make a big difference,” continued Claus.

Claus says with his advanced assessment test and a few minor adjustments, you can be a more efficient and faster runner and limit the possibility of injury.