Superior Watershed Partnership adds new conservation programs

There’s good news for young nature enthusiasts looking for summer work. The Superior Watershed Partnership is adding two new programs to the Great Lakes Conservation Corps. Both are targeted towards 18-to-24-year-olds and will include various conservation projects throughout the U.P. Those who join the Community Crew will be based in Marquette and do work in the area for seven weeks. The Roving Crew will head out to more remote locations throughout the U.P. for their four weeks of work, camping in tents along the way.

“Superior Watershed is driven to help the community of Marquette, and the UP, and all of Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. These projects will benefit the places that they’re near in the UP and also Marquette,” Great Lakes Conservation Corps community coordinator and crew leader¬†Coleman Wilson said.

But the environment isn’t the only thing that will benefit from these programs. Crew members will learn technical skills like masonry and trail construction, as well as conservation topics like invasive species removal and habitat restoration.

“We’re looking for self-motivated, team-playing kinds of people because it is a crew format,” Wilson said. “They also need to be really passionate about the environment, the conservation of natural resources and local areas like that.”

For more information on these programs, you can call (906) 228-6095 or visit