“Music for all Kids” program gets an artful hand

“Art Gives Back” and some unassuming students are the recipients.

Zero Degrees Art Gallery picks a cause every three months and donates a portion of their proceeds to a worthwhile organization, this time “Music For All Kids” is on the right note.

It’s a jam session like no other. “Music for all Kids” is a non profit organization that uses music to mentor to kids. The program focuses on kids ages five to 18 who have limited access to music training, equipment and instruments.

“It’s a really good program that we looked at and liked so we thought we would get behind it with a promo of our own by donating 50 – 100% of selected sales to the program,” said Chris Wetton, Zero Degrees Art Gallery Publicist.

When you visit Zero Degrees Gallery just look for the yellow sticker on any of the artwork, those are the selected pieces that are part of the gallery’s “Art Gives Back Program.”

Students and instructors are loving the program as it continues to grow. Kids who have always had a love of music are getting to do something they never thought they would be able to.

“I like listening to the drums and stuff but I never thought I would be able to actually play them. I didn’t even know how to play before I started but this actually taught me a lot.  It’s really fun and all the teachers are really awesome,” said Morgan Burnside, “Music for all Kids” student.

“It’s been awesome, some kids come and they have difficulties in life and they have been able to come and channel their emotions through music and also learn. We’ve also had kids come who have never had one–on–one instruction in music but they are already musically talented so we are hitting success through both ends of the spectrum,’ said Cassie Freeborn, “Music for all Kids” Instructor.

 The program is funded by the Youth Advisory Council of the Marquette County Community Fund and the Coalition for Substance Abuse and Prevention.

Instructors for the program are all volunteers. If you are interested in being a part of the program as a student or by donating your music and teaching skills,  you can contact Cassie at Cassiemfak@gmail.com. Classes are held at Northstar Academy and at Marquette Alternative High School twice a week.