Resale store gives back to survivors of domestic violence

A Marquette store is giving customers an opportunity to not only shop, but give back to survivors and victims of domestic violence.

Pak Ratz Resale Shop is in the back of the Women’s Center in Marquette.

It has hundreds of clothing items, furniture, and books, just like any other resale shop.  But, what makes Pak Ratz unique is all of its proceeds go to the Women’s Center and Harbor House to help with utilities.  And, survivors of domestic violence can use the store to get items they otherwise wouldn’t have.

“We’re able to provide our clients with the essentials for everyday living,” Women’s Center and Harbor House Associate Director Diane Betts said.  “When they’re fleeing a very violent environment, they pretty much grab whatever they can and when they come to the Harbor House, they pretty much, again, have whatever they have in their hands, so they need clothes to go to school or work.”

The resale store would not be as successful as it is today without the generous help of the community.

“Even through our hard, difficult times here at the Women’s Center, we’ve always had the donations coming through the door to help us out, whether it was for our food pantry or money coming in as a donation for our programs, or clothing or small household miscellaneous stuff or furniture…but there’s so many people in our community with tremendous hearts and they always like to give,” Pak Ratz manager Nikki Durand said.  “And we appreciate that.  It means a lot to us.”

Pak Ratz is always looking for donations, such as gently worn clothing, cookware, furniture, and baby clothes.  To donate, you can drop off items during business hours.

You can find more information by clicking here.