Marquette City Commission meets with advisory committees

The Marquette City Commission met for a special strategic planning session Tuesday morning to hear from several advisory committees about long term master plans.

Among the highlights was an update from the Presque Isle Park Advisory Committee regarding its new playground and the idea of having the park go tobacco free.

The commissioners brought up the park’s no-dog policy and seemed to favor doing away with it, though not everyone was on board with the idea.

“I think it’s great that we have a place, that’s our crown jewel, that they’re not allowed and my issue is definitely the people–the people that don’t pick up after them; the people that let them off leash; the people that probably shouldn’t have dogs,” Commissioner Sara Cambensy said.

The commission also heard from the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee, which offered an update on its ten 10 year master plan.  The Parks and Recreation Committee added to the mix as it broached the idea of a year round dog park. The Harbor Advisory Committee’s team offered up several ideas that were passed back and forth regarding how to fund marina and slip maintenance.