Road commission to rebuild three bridges on Co. Rd. 550

The Marquette County Road Commission is slated to start rebuilding bridges along the road as well.

Three bridges are slated to be rebuilt this summer: the Harlow Creek, Compo Creek, and Yellow Dog River Bridges.  One of the bridges was built in 1927–and two were built a few years after that, so repairs are needed to keep drivers safe.

Rebuilding the bridges are part of the Eagle Mine’s contract to make improvements to the road.

The bridges are not under construction yet, but are expected to be soon.

“We’re currently building temporary roads–runaround roads–because these bridges will be totally torn out and totally replaced,” Eagle Mine Route project manager from the Marquette County Road Commission Paul Dumonthier said.  “The auxiliary roads will be paved, and there will be temporary lighting–stop and go lights.”

The bridges are scheduled to be completed in the next two months.