UPAWS special helps pet lovers find new friends

Black cats may make you think of bad luck, but UPAWS has other ideas. The U.P. pet sanctuary is starting off the spring season with a unique opportunity for animal lovers.

UPAWS has dubbed all 31 days of May as Back in Black month. The event aims to bring awareness to “Black Dog Syndrome,” a stigma that gives potential owners the impression that black animals don’t make good pets.¬†Across the nation, black animals are the least adopted. UPAWS hopes the increased exposure will curb that trend.

“We just want to shine the light on our black animals because we think they’re awesome like all of our animals are. Love knows no color,” UPAWS board vice president Ann Brownell said.

During the Back in Black campaign, black cats will have no adoption fee, and fees for black dogs will be half-price. UPAWS has many black animals up for adoption, including a nine-year-old dog named Jack.

“He is a character; he is almost like a little human, I think,” Brownell said. “We love him to pieces.”

Jack would need to be the only pet in the house, but he loves being around people of all ages. Shirley the cat is also looking for a home.

“She’d like a little quieter home, a lap to cuddle on, a window seat to watch those birdies outside,” Brownell said, “She’ll provide you with unconditional love.”

Every animal at UPAWS is spayed and neutered, is up to date on shots, is microchipped and comes with 30 days of pet insurance. The Back in Black event isn’t limited to the U.P. The nationwide promotion runs through May 31st.