DNR lists family friendly areas to make fishing fun, accessible

You can catch more flies with honey, so the Department of Natural Resources has sweetened the pot for beginning fisherman.

If you have ever had an interest in fishing or wanted to introduce a friend or family member to the world of fishing, now is the time to cast your net.

The Family Friendly Fishing Waters project is making a big splash.  The project consists of a list of fishing areas that are easily accessible, have a high likelihood of catching fish, has various amenities, and is all around family-friendly.

“On the site, it will tell you what type of fish are in the lake and what is the best way to fish for them and includes what type of bait to use or what kind of lure.  It also tells you where to fish if you want to fish from the shore, boat or dock and you don’t have to use live bait,” Lake Superior Basin Coordinator Phil Schneeberger said.

The areas are listed by county.  There is at least one lake listed in each county in the state.

“These are waters where there is a high rate of success so a lot of them are going to be for pan fish like bluegills, crappie, sunfish, things like that, perch.  It might not be a trophy but it will keep them interested and hopefully get hooked on fishing,” Schneeberger said.

If you have a location you would like to see listed, the DNR is still accepting suggestions.

Information about Family Friendly Fishing Waters can be found by clicking here.