More than $1 million awarded to Marquette County organizations

Thirteen community organizations have been tapped to receive over a million dollars in grant money from the Cliffs Natural Resources/Eagle Mine Marquette County Community Fund. ABC 10’s Danielle Davis spoke to some of the lucky recipients today.

“It’s amazing to have won this grant, it’s $150,000, it brings us almost to our goal for the building project,” said Jessica Holman, Forsyth Township Public Library.

“It’s absolutely amazing, the most exciting thing I think I can remember being excited about in a long time.  It’s $200,000 and it’s meant to help us provide energy upgrades,” said  Nheena Weyer Ittner.

The excitement felt by these two pillars of Marquette County was infectious. Both were overjoyed to share how they plan to use the money to strengthen their efforts in the community. The Forsyth Township Public Library will expand into a new building just two doors down from it’s current space.

“We’re a very busy library, we see over 100 people in here a day, many people use the computers, we currently have seven public access computers and they are always being used,” continued Holman.

“The majority of the money going to the Children’s Museum here in Marquette will be used to upgrade the outside of the building.  Museum officials say their number one goal will be to preserve the historic integrity of this 100 year old building, Reports, Danielle Davis.

“We’re going to actually be able to take the building back so it looks more historical, we won’t be able to take it back completely but it’s going to be an amazing change and I am just so absolutely thrilled and so deeply grateful,” continued Weyer Ittner.

To quality for the funding, requests had to fulfill certain community needs.

“This latest development in funds will support projects around the community for public safety, education and culture,” said Dan Blondeau, Media Relations, Eagle Mine.

There is still close to 2 million dollars left in the fund, with the next review cycle set to take place this fall.

Recipients of the Cliffs/Eagle Mine Marquette County Community Fund:
U.P. Children’s Museum                  $200,000
UPSET                                   $200,000
Forsyth Twp. Public Library             $150,000
Kaufman Auditorium                      $100,000
Marquette Women’s Center                $100,000
Marquette Twp. Ice Rink Building       $100,000
Republic Twp. Munson Park               $75,000
Great Lakes Recovery Center             $50,000
NICE Community Schools                  $36,000
Marquette City Band                     $25,000
Negaunee Historical Society             $6,500
Michigan Youth Opportunities            $5,000
Aspen Ridge Middle School               $3,500

To apply for the grant click here.