Anglers are reeling as trout season begins

Winter-like weather or not, trout season kicks off this weekend. If you’re angling to get started, be sure to get caught up on the 2014 rules that are in effect. is the place to go before heading out to your favorite fishing hole. Licensing structure, pricing and a few other changes are taking effect tomorrow.

“There is one license available, not two like we use to have with restricted species for one side and all species on the other side.  Anybody buying a license can catch all species,” Michigan DNR Lake Super Basin coordinator Phil Schneeberger said.

Die-hard anglers won’t be daunted by the upcoming un-springlike forecast, but the Department of Natural Resources cautions safety as the priority for everyone casting a line.

“It’s going to be challenging to get to the locations where the trout are located. The roads may not be plowed and it is going to be difficult to get into the waters where they are going, it’s not going to be ideal for fishing, but it’s opening weekend and it’s important to people just for that reason,” continued Schneeberger.

To make things easier, the 2014 Michigan Fishing Guide has all of the changes for this year highlighted in red. You can view the guide online at