A big change is coming for three major Upper Peninsula hospitals.

LifePoint Hospitals and Duke LifePoint Healthcare announced Monday Portage Health CEO Jim Bogan will be appointed as the new market president.  Bogan will be the executive and operations manager for Portage Health, Bell Hospital, and Marquette General Hospital.

“My position is really an additional position that wasn’t existing before and we’ve added that from the top leadership of LifePoint has felt that an additional executive presence in the Upper Peninsula would be a good idea,” Bogan said.

Portage Health has immediately started a nationwide search for a new CEO, and Bogan said he will be a part of that process.

“Although effectively my new position takes place on May 11, I will still have obviously an immediate presence still at Portage as we continue to find that new leadership,” he said.

He added he will have a larger presence in the Marquette area due to the location of two of the hospitals, but he will continue to be a part of the growth of Portage Health.