MSP Iron Mountain Post receives traffic safety awards

As the Michigan State Police Celebrates 97 years of growth and law enforcement, the Iron Mountain post is celebrating two additional successes. They recently received two awards for their traffic safety initiative for Iron and Dickinson Counties.

With 29 state police posts in Michigan, Iron Mountain was the only state post to receive the “Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Award for Excellence in Traffic Safety” and the “Governors Traffic Safety Achievement Award.”

An aggressive seat belt safety campaign consisting of public safety programs, media blitz, and stepping up enforcement with zero tolerance proved successful and contributed to a 28% increase in seat belt use.

“Personally I was thrilled, I have been a huge proponent of traffic safety in different initiatives and troopers at this post did an outstanding job. To go from 70% – 90% in four months is huge.  They really worked hard to make sure that the citizens were safe. We don’t want people getting killed on the roadways or being injured, so I am very proud of the post and very happy with the outcome,” said F/Lt. Christine Grabowski, MSP, Iron Mountain Post.

The post will be officially recognized at an awards luncheon on Wednesday at the 19th annual Michigan Traffic Safety Summit in East Lansing.