Today’s winter storm  has garnered some national attention as The Weather Channel came to town and explained to the country that severe weather means more than just a foot of snowfall.

The Weather Channel’s Raegan Medgie reported live from the Huron Mountain Bakery parking lot and talked about snowfall, but also other issues that don’t normally make national headlines.

“What I’m finding as I’m here,” Medgie said, “is that it’s much more than just the snow; it’s a huge weather event, which is impacting the infrastructure in terms of water, in terms of the roads, and it’s the subzero temperatures that you guys have been dealing with.”

Medgie and her crew traveled around and showed the nation the collapsed section of road on 7th Street and the Cinder Pond Marina boathouse, the foundation of which moved slightly due to excessive frost depth. For Medgie, it’s gratifying to come in and shed light on local weather emergencies.

Medgie said, “When I come in to a local area it astounds me to see how much emergency management is in place; how much emergency management is still needed and, you know, to bridge that gap, to kind of tell the public if there’s any way we could kind of all come together, and we did as the governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, just declared a state of emergency.”

The governor’s declaration of a state of emergency comes as a sigh of relief for many and Medgie referred to it during each of her half hour live shots.