Bollywood dance pair preparing for Dancing with the Stars, Marquette County Style

We’re just over a month away from the start of Dancing with the Stars, Marquette County Style. We caught up with a husband and wife team taking part in this year’s competition to see how rehearsals were coming along with their better half.

The luck of the draw landed the Frosts with a Bollywood routine. They say it’s a dance style that they were a bit unfamiliar with, but it’s turned out to be loads of fun. determined victory to learning flexibility and plenty of stretching.

“No one knows what Bollywood is, so I call it cheesy Hollywood, but what do I know? It’s a lot of isolated movements they do. It’s like a jointed doll that they can move their individual body parts much more than I can. That’s been the biggest challenge, but it’s so much fun,” excited Bollywood dancer Kim Frost said.

“(We’ll) probably make a fool of ourselves, but it’s fun; we’re having a ball,” nervous Bollywood dancer Jack Frost said. “You’ll notice, when you see the dance, there is a conversation going on within the dance.”

Bollywood is a combination of classic Indian dance and Middle Eastern moves along with being able to incorporate dance expression that fits the strengths of each dancer.

“There is a lot of freedom within this style, and there is interesting interplay between the characters,” Dance Zone dance instructor Maggie Barch said. “Bollywood dance is like telling a story.”

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