From time to time you should rejuvenate your fitness routine. Adding in new activities is a good way to motivate a workout or at least get started. NMU’s “Sports Mania” takes place this Saturday and features a nutrition class as well as a number of activities to interest even the most dedicated couch potato.

The friendly competition is sponsored by the Northern Michigan University Recreational center. It is open to everyone and each participant gets a prize. There are competitions for all age levels and weight classes, ranging from trained athletes to beginners.

“This is not just for those people that that are throwing weights around and are totally ripped and cut, this is for everybody and it’s a fun competition, so if all you can do is a squat, and you do it correctly, then there is a chance you could win,” said Katie Theut, the Fitness Recreational Manager.

Along with weight–lifting there is also a rock climbing competition. Although rock climbing involves some upper and lower body strength, it is also a sport that engages problem solving skills in order to reach to the top.

It’s just a wonderful activity whether you’re into outdoor adventure type sports or whether you are looking for a really good workout.  We have a great local climbing community and great area to practice these skills and then go outdoors and use them at a number places in the immediate Marquette area to rock climb outside, it’s a really fun hobby,” said Greg Thocker, the Outdoor Recreation Manager.

“We have something for everyone here, from the climbing wall to the pool, to fitness classes and all of our cardio and resistance equipment, we want to make it known that this is a place for everybody, not just NMU students and faculty staff but for the Marquette community to utilize as a resource,” added Theut.

There is a fifteen dollar registration fee but anyone is free to come out and cheer on your favorite athlete or non–athlete.  You can pre–register at or you can signup on–site.

The Recreational Sports Facility is located next to the Superior Dome in Marquette.