More than 2,000 UPPCO customers four months behind on payments

Close to 2,600 UPPCO customers are four months or more behind on their utility bills.

UPPCO officials are urging those customers who have not yet contacted the utility to make arrangements for payment, to do so right away or face disconnection.

The number of past due customers is about the same as last year’s total, but the amount they owe is slightly higher. UPPCO disconnected service to around 2,300 customers in 2013.

“We owe it to our good-paying customers to be diligent in our efforts to collect,” said Jodi Pineau, spokesperson for UPPCO. “We don’t want to disconnect service to customers who are behind, but unless we come to an arrangement with them, disconnection is a good possibility.”

UPPCO officials say some customers may benefit from UPPCO’s Budget Billing program in which they pay an average bill monthly rather than seasonal high and low bills.

Bottom line, if you haven’t made arrangements including a down payment, you could have your services shut off.

“Those customers who contact us early to make arrangements may find we’re more flexible with payment options than those who wait,” Pineau said.

UPPCO also has electronic options for payment listed on its Website. Options include automatic monthly withdrawal from bank accounts, as well as one-time payments. You can also make contact with UPPCO officials by calling (866) 215-5812.