State officials warn citizens: Don’t get hacked!

There are two type of people: those who have been hacked and those who will be hacked.

That’s according to Cyber officials in the U.P. who, today, stressed the importance of protecting your cyber presence. It was part of the “Cyber Awareness Luncheons” series held across the state to help people create a blueprint to keep digital crime to a minimum.

Policing cyber space is a full time job for Michigan officials, with a half million threats reported each day. Those threats are directed at our critical infrastructure as well as businesses, students and families.

“The internet of things, as we have more high tech in our electricity grid in water, they all use technology and they all need to be protected. As those technologies improve so do the vulnerabilities, so with the good comes the bad.  The importance of protecting our industries, be aware, where is your data?  Is it backed up? Is it sensitive data?  Is it encrypted?

Cyber police say to regularly change your password, never give it out for any reason and have a plan so that if any of your devices are lost or stolen they can be wiped clean.

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