NMU Volleyball team rebuilding on the fly

The Wildcats relied heavily on their senior leaders last season. But those seniors are now gone. Now, it’s time for a new group of ‘Cats to keep the program’s momentum going in the right direction.

NMU is midway through its spring season. Wildcats head coach Dominic Yoder is rebuilding on the fly. The Wildcats will not have a single senior on the team this fall. NMU has been on the road the last two weekends playing matches at Grand Valley State and at Eastern Michigan.

Yoder says that the spring season has been a work in progress.

“It’s always a benefit to have a strong core of seniors, especially in the fall. But when you lose them, you have to start over from scratch,” said Yoder. “We’ve got some pretty good sophomores who are helping to fill that gap that the seniors left.”

“I think we’ve learned a lot about what to do when we’ve been down in matches,” said Wildcats right side hitter Alex Larsen. “We’ve done a really good job of coming back when we start a match not as well as we should.”

“We’ve been working really hard on the small things,” said NMU left side hitter Lisa Studnicka. “Working on our technical things, working on our defense, our attacking and everything just trying to get back to the basics.”

The Wildcats will be at home this weekend, taking on Lake State and the NMU Alumni team. The action at Vandament Arena starts at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday.