Michigan gubernatorial candidate Schauer taps running mate

Michigan gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer (D) has tapped Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown (D-West Bloomfield) to be his running mate.

Brown previously served in the Michigan Legislature, where she was an outspoken champion for middle class families, strong schools, and equal rights.

“Lisa Brown is a proven leader who’s always been a tough fighter for the middle class,” said Schauer. “In the Legislature, Lisa led the charge  against Governor Snyder’s $1 billion cut to education, and as Oakland County Clerk, she’s been a fearless champion for equal rights. Lisa shares my values and priorities for making education our top economic priority, and working to make Michigan’s economy fairer for the middle class. Make no mistake, Lisa Brown will make a terrific Lt. Governor.”

Brown was elected to serve as Oakland County Clerk and Register of Deeds in 2012, after defeating Republican incumbent Bill Bullard. As Clerk, she has been a strong voice for marriage equality.

Brown previously served as a State Representative for Michigan’s 39th House District from 2009 to 2012, which included Commerce Township, West Bloomfield, and Wolverine Lake. While serving in the Legislature, Brown was
Vice Chair of the Education Policy Committee.

“Michigan needs a governor who will fight for good jobs, great schools, and a strong middle class, and that’s why I’m so proud to be running with Mark Schauer,” said Brown. “Rick Snyder is out of touch, and has the wrong priorities for Michigan. Snyder gave a huge $1.8 billion tax break to corporations even if they outsource Michigan jobs, and he paid for it by cutting funding for schools and taxing retirement income. As governor, Mark will fight to end tax breaks and bad trade deals that ship our jobs overseas. That’s the kind of leadership Michigan’s middle class can count on.”

A lifelong resident of Oakland County, Lisa Brown lives in West Bloomfield. She is a graduate of Michigan State University and the Detroit College of Law, and a member of the State Bar of Michigan.