Where the pets stay while their owners are away

Having a pet is a joyous experience and most pet owners consider their pets an integral part of the family. But when you have to leave your pet for an extended period of time it can be a nerve wrecking experience.

Because of the difficulty involved in dealing with pet separation, we talked to the owners of “The Animal Inn” about how to make the transition a smooth one.

“The thing is to not make a big deal of it, just walk away and say I’ll see you later.  Don’t let them see you get upset because they will feed off of your emotions.  Most of the dogs, as soon as the owner walks out the door, they turn around and look at us like, hey, let’s go,” said Tracee Horn, Owner, The Animal Inn.

Keeping the dogs stress free with a regular routine is also key. They have designated feeding, bio breaks, play and exercise time. But not all dogs get along, so, they also have private cottages and techniques to effectively handle those situations.

“It’s an 8×12 inside living quarter with heated floors, air–conditioning, TV, bed, refrigerator, you name it, it’s out there.  There is also a porch so when it’s nice out they can lay in the sun,” continued Horn.

“With working with the shy dogs you go into the kennel and you put your hand out and let them sniff your hand, then slowly work your way toward them.  You don’t rush in and freak them out, let them come to you instead of rushing them to greet you,” said Kaci Murringer, Kennell Technician.

Also offered at ‘The Animal Inn” are grooming services, airport pick–ups as well as personal and competitive obedience training.

For more information visit www.the-animal-inn.com.