“Dancing With The Stars” Christine Pesola & Joe Heck

“Dancing with the Stars” Marquette County Style competition is just over a month away.

Upper Peninsula’s Hospice Foundation is hosting the fundraiser for a second year to raise money for it’s “Make –A–Memory” program.

Eight couples in all are  competing to raise money to help patients and their families in fulfilling last requests. We caught up with one of the dancing pairs this week to check in on how rehearsals are going.

“They are going great, we are having a really good time. I love the music, it’s very infectious.  It’s a dance style I’ve never known before, it’s called the Bolero, it’s called the Cuban dance of love,” said Christine Pesola, Landmark Inn Owner.

I am not the most coordinated person so Alex’s biggest challenge is teaching me to dance as I have six left feet,” said Joe Heck, The Cake Guy, Landmark Inn.

The event is already a success as tickets have sold out. And of course it wouldn’t be a competition without just a little trash talking.

“I’m going to continue taking dance classes as a form of exercise after this is over.  I am really exited to get it over with so everyone will know that we will be the fan favorite and the winner, that is what I am excited about so everyone else can know what we are already sure of.”

Thursday, May 22 at Forest Roberts Theater is where the fancy footwork will be seen.

Online voting is taking place now at www.UPHomeHealth.org/DWTS.

Each vote will cost you ten dollars and it is tax deductible.