Pet portraits help paint better picture for UPAWS animals

Picture Perfect is what Photographer James Burke is shooting for, as he helps raise money for UPAWS.

He’s been doing it for twenty eight straight years; snapping shots of pets, their owners and sometimes a mix of the two, in indoor and outdoor sessions. It’s all part of the specially crafted fundraiser.

Packages are 50% off or more, and all the money raised is donated to UPAWS.

“There are a lot of moving parts involved in the shelter  that people don’t always see but that support allows us to help homeless animals,” said Karen Rhodes, Fundraising Volunteer.

“I enjoy it, actually I am allergic to pets but I still enjoy it. I suffer through it because it is a good cause,” said James Burke,

UPAWS operates one hundred percent on donations and volunteer efforts. Pet care needs are 365 days a year, and organizers say this is the perfect fundraiser because you can’t put a price on a memory.

“Some of the people that participate have been in maybe 15 times, not all with the same pet and they tell me how grateful they are to have those portraits of pets that are no longer with them. So it’s important for them so it’s important for me too,” continued Burke.

“It just amazes me the amount of time and effort he puts into helping not only pet owners in our area but UPAWS as well,” continued Rhodes.

Pet portraits will be taken next week. You also have until the end of the month to purchase a voucher for a summer outdoor session.

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