The Marijuana debate continued this evening in Marquette.

Opponents squared off on legalization, jail time and health benefits.

Michigan was the first state in the Midwest to legalize medical marijuana. With legitimate pros and cons for the substance the stage lite up with controversy.

“Marijuana has a wide variety of applications for treatment of Cancer, AIDS, nerve pain.  If we were to discover Marijuana today we would think it was a miracle drug but because of it’s history and propaganda around it we have a loaded view of it,” Ghost Group Strategist Aaron Houston said.

“This isn’t about locking people up for small amounts of use, but we certainly don’t want to copy the same mistakes as we did with tobacco.  You don’t need to smoke Marijuana to get it’s potential medical effects, there are pills sprays and other things that can be used.  I just think you should get them from a pharmacy or a real doctor not someone with no medical experience trying to make a quick buck.  A lot of people have taken advantage of the medical Marijuana system both here in Michigan and all across the country,” Smart Approaches to Marijuana co-founder Kevin Sabet said.

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Aaron Houston – @weedmaps

Kevin Sabet – @kevinsabet