Report ranks Marquette County’s Overall Health 18th in Michigan

A new health report shows that Marquette County ranks 18th of 81 counties in Michigan for overall health outcomes.

The report, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, highlights health behaviors and the social and economic well-being of a county’s residents. Marquette County has dropped in ranking, coming in at 17th last year and 9th in 2010.

Dr. Terry Frankovich, Medical Director for the Marquette County Health Department, said, “The data allows us to look for trends within our own communities.” Frankovich said individual rankings aren’t as important as looking at the data collected and whether it’s an accurate portrayal of what we know about the county.

That same study showed the county ranks fourth in factors that contribute to overall health, which is up from year’s past. The improvement represents higher measures than the entire state’s in almost all contributing criteria.

Frankovich said one of the purposes of the rankings is to catch the community’s attention.

“Not only can individuals change their own behavior, they can also help to change the community they live in by supporting healthy home, school and community environments for all of our children and residents,” he said.

The Marquette County Health Department will look at the data over the next few weeks to see if current community programs are impacting health locally and to help identify other needs.