With springtime steadily approaching, those born and familiar with the U.P. are aware that spring doesn’t necessarily mean flowers growing and bees buzzing, but possibly a lot more snow on the horizon.

Not everyone is a fan of snow in the spring except maybe for ski and snowboard lovers. Marquette Mountain opened early for ski season but despite the headstart on ski season it hasn’t been as successful as expected.

“We definitely had a long ski season already with tons of really good snow, ¬†conditions this year have undoubtedly been the best ever. The cold weather has kept our ski count down, we are running 25% down on our general skiier,” said Vern Barber, Marquette Mountain General Manager.

As warmer temperatures are predicted along with the continued snowfall, skiiers say a better time to hit the slopes won’t be found.

“March is usually the best time to learn to ski, it’s warmer, the snow is usually at it’s best and normally it’s a few less people, it’s just a more relaxed environment,” continued Barber.

To brighten up spring skiing, Marquette Mountain is offering their unlimited ski and snowboard pass for the rest of the season for just $99.

They also have lots of events planned over the next few weekends, including the Coors Light Spring Fling, Snow Painting, Beer Pong, as well as the Snowmobile Hill Climb and Hill Cross.

For exact dates and times of upcoming activities go to www.marquettemountain.com.