A grant application from the City of Houghton is on its way to the DNR to gain funds for the purchase of a green space area in the city.

Development on the plot, which is located at the intersection of Franklin Street and Seventh Avenue, had been ruled out.  So, the city along with the Keweenaw Land Trust and the Copper Country Audubon Society, decided to preserve it.

Pat Toczydlowski said the investment is well worth it.

“If you went in there and somebody lead you in there and you opened your eyes and you saw it, you might place yourself somewhere other than the middle of the city. It is a pretty wild and rustic place in there,” she said.

The Houghton City Council approved the application last week.

City Manager Eric Waara said the two organizations approached the city about applying for a DNR trust fund grant, which they would provide the lion’s share of the funds for in order to acquire the property.

“So the city looked upon that as part of the city’s master plan. It certainly fit in well with what some of the goals of the master plan were so I guess it was a big collaborative effort,” he said.

The city expects to hear back from the DNR in the fall.

The plan is to clear trails throughout the area in addition to creating parking spaces and adding interpretative signage.