6-year-old inventor of the paint-on bandage ‘Boo Boo Goo’

Inspired by the critically acclaimed television show Shark Tank, 6-year-old Kiowa Kavovi’s invention ‘Boo Boo Goo’ will be pitched tonight to a panel of billionaire investors.

Boo Boo Goo claims to be a natural alternative to Band-Aids: a revolutionary new skin protectant that paints on a bandage in fun colors for kids as well as skin tones for concealing small cuts and scrapes. It’s environmentally friendly: A .5 oz bottle is the equivalent of 75 Band-Aids: band-aids that won’t wind up in our landfills.

Kiowa couldn’t make Boo Boo Goo on her own, so she partnered with a team of professionals. With the help of three wound care specialists,  her dad, actor Andrew Kavovit, financial partner Dale Seefeldt, and marketing guru Billy Jurewicz, Kiowa aims to have “kids think differently about the world” They’re starting by cleaning up one little boo-boo at a time.

Boo Boo Goo Paint-on Bandages from space150 on Vimeo.

Turn a boo boo into a haha.

Kiowa and other kids and teens from around the country get the chance to see if they will be treated like the adult entrepreneurs during a specially-themed episode of Shark Tank tonight at 9pm on The Upper Peninsula’s ABC 10. #sharktank

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