Vango’s “Restaurant Week” Deals

Marquette’s “Restaurant Week”is slowly coming to a close, with Saturday being the concluding night.
All week we’ve introduced you to some of the delicious deals they are offering and today is no exception.

Although not originating in the U.S. pizza is one of the most popular food items in America.
An “Eastside Originals” restaurant known for it’s succulent dough and fresh ingredients is offering a restaurant week special that can’t be beat.

“For $25 they can come in and get a large Greek salad, basket of waffle fries, large pizza and a bottle of soda. We pride ourselves in being able to allow families to come into Vango’s and have a reasonable meal, they have the experience of dining out. You can try every restaurant that is involved in this and really walk away with some great food experiences,” said Michele Butler, Vango’s Restaurant.

Restaurant week is about venturing out and exploring the original restaurants located in Marquette’s east side but owners say it’s also about showing appreciation.

“For our regular customers it’s a great way to say thank you because they are getting some very good deals on their meals and for new people it’s a great way to come in and see what Vango’s is all about and then hopefully they become part of our customer base,” continued Butler.

Lunch at Vango’s includes a salad, burger of choice with fries, all for $10.

Visit for a complete list of participating restaurants.