Students at Northern Michigan University were able to hear a presentation on entrepreneurship and what it takes to run a business Tuesday night.

It was part of the university’s Your Wealth series that teaches students about business.

Jason Schneider, an enterprise facilitator with Accelerate U.P. was the presenter.  He used his experience working with entrepreneurs to explain to the audience how the nation’s economy has changed the way people look at business.

“Many people are recognizing that they might not be able to go out and get a job,”Schneider said.  “Marquette is a great example of that.  A lot of people live here but the only jobs you can really find are somewhere else, so you’re torn between ‘Do I go somewhere else and work, or do I get a minimum wage job here until I find a way to make it through or do I start something on my own?’  And many people are choosing to start something on their own.”

“The interesting this is entrepreneur is a buzzword right now.  Governments and universities are focused very heavily on it.  There’s a lot of resources, there’s a lot of time and energy being put into building entrepreneurs and creating entrepreneurs.”

Schneider also discussed what it takes to run a small business and entrepreneurship supports individualism.  He added to support entrepreneurs, people also need to support their own dreams to make owning their own business a reality.

For more information on Accelerate U.P. visit their website, or for more on NMU’s Your Wealth series, click here.