Farmers gather for agriculture conference

Farmers across the Upper Peninsula gathered in Escanaba to learn a variety of topics relating to farming, crops, and agriculture.

The Michigan State University Extension hosted Agriculture for Tomorrow at Bay College today.

Twenty different classes were offered, ranging from beekeeping to predator control and farm food safety.

“We try to have topics of interest for large farms, crop, livestock, and dairy.  And for smaller farms, vegetable producers, and people just getting interested in agriculture,” MSU Extension crop production educator Jim Isleib said.

“Farmers learn a lot from one another, both in the classes and at lunch and in the hallway.  There’s a lot of good networking that goes on, and really the core of the conference from my perspective is educational opportunities for farmers.”

Topics for the conference were based on what farmers are most interested in learning about, and what the conference committee thought would be most useful to seasoned and new farmers.  There were also opportunities for farmers to meet and network with agriculture supply companies.