Chop House “Restaurant Week” Specials

Restaurant Week is in full swing in Marquette, offering great deals on lunch and dinner. More than 20 restaurants, bakeries and cafes are participating. Some fine dining establishments are among them, like Elizabeth’s Chop House.

But regardless if it’s a diner or upscale restaurant, the great deals are the same. Lunch specials for up to two people sometimes for 10 dollars and Dinner is 25 dollars, you get an appetizer, entree and dessert.

“The food is the same, the service is the same the ambiance is the same that would cost you considerable more any other time, so it’s a great time to come and see what the Chop House is all about.”

While the Chop House is known for it’s delicious steaks, variety of seafood, and great service, they say their restaurant is about the food as much as it’s about savoring the moment.

“When you come here, you want to relax, sit, converse, connect, you really want to have an experience. It’s not a hurry up, get some fuel, be on your way again. It’s dining with a great view, beautiful building, Front Street entrance, a unique place for Marquette and the Upper Peninsula.”

While not required, reservations are recommended at Elizabeth’s Chop House. For a complete list of restaurants participating in Restaurant Week, visit