Firefighters work to thaw frozen water lines

Firefighters were called out to Second Street in Ishpeming this morning for a possible fire. There was no fire to be found, but the cause of the problem was related to freezing water lines.

For the second time this winter, the Ishpeming Department of Public Works crews practice of thawing water pipes have caused a minor structure fire.  The procedure to thaw water pipes is very dangerous, even when things are done correctly. If you have been placed on a “let run” notice by the City, officials ask that you keep the water running as intentionally turning off the water places an added burden on an already strained city crew.

“The neighbor noticed arcing coming from his next door neighbors water gas main attached to the house he had the crews shut the welder down that was heating up the water lines and the arcing stopped.  He called us because he was concerned there was a fire in the neighbors’ walls.  Freezing in the pipes is going to continue until April.  People have to understand that just because the weather warms up into the 4o’s that the frost is till six or seven feet down and the water line freezing is going to continue freezing for quite some time,” said Ed Anderson, Ishpeming Fire Chief.

If you are having issues with frozen pipes you can call  the Department of Public Works at (906) 485-9371.